Widerker Beverages GmbH

The Widerker Beverages GmbH, based in Stuttgart, has its main focus on the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality, exotic fruit nectars.


Martin Widerker laid the foundation for the Widerker Beverages GmbH (formerly: IMPEX - Import-Export GmbH) on a business trip to the People's Republic of China in 1971. On a banquet for international businessmen, he was served a pleasantly and refreshing tasting guava nectar. Mr. Widerker was very taken by this drink. When he returned to Germany, he began to manufacture the product in China, to import it to Germany and to distribute it directly to Asian restaurants and Asian grocery stores.
Initially Mr. Widerker produced and distributed the product as an individual trader. In 1985 the IMPEX - Import-Export GmbH was founded and this activity was transferred to its own division.
After the massacre at the Tiananmen Square in 1989, it became increasingly difficult to maintain reliable import from China. As a result, the company moved the production to Europe.
Today, the Widerker Beverages GmbH still produces exclusively within the EU.

Brands & Products

The oldest and best-known private brand of the Widerker Beverages GmbH is GUA®. GUA products are available in different flavors, packaging units of different types, sizes and label formats.

Product Quality

The specialty of the Widerker Beverages GmbH produce is an exotic taste experience, combined with the local high production standards, purity and quality. We achieve our high standards by long-term and close cooperation with our certified and reliable business partners. Our customers have appreciated this for over 40 years.

Sales Channels & customers

The distribution of our products is carried out by our long-term partners. The main B2B customers of our distribution partners are Asian restaurants, Asian food and delicatessen retailers and cash&carry markets.

Process Quality

By optimizing logistics routes and the manufacture of our products within the EU we are able to warrant the highest quality, complete traceability of our raw materials and a consistently transparent value chain, according to the GS1 Complete certificate.

Competences & Offered Services

Our success story of over 40 years and experience in the field of production of exotic fruit drinks make us experts and your ideal partner for international raw material procurement, production, logistics and distribution. We are happy to support you in developing individual beverage solutions that are tailored to your needs, ideas and conditions within market- or private brands. For this purpose we have an extensive network of long-term business partners from all sectors of the international supply chain.


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